Thursday, August 12, 2010

How do Men deal with loss??

I find it difficult to understand how men deal with lost.

Do you guys find it easier to just let it all out by crying or would you rather punch someone and get the anger out?

Do men like to be alone or would they rather have someone by their side to comfort them?

Do you like to drink your woes away??

Have you ever cried because your pet died?? - I'd like it if men answered this honestly.....

When my dad lost his brother, he was so quiet, he didnt say much, I kept wondering what was going through his head....

Thanx guys for all your answers!!

:)How do Men deal with loss??
after i have a loss, i deal with it an different ways. if i loose a gf, then i usually listen to some music and play guitar for a few hours. then i'm over it

if a family member dies, it's much worse. i haven't experienced it much thankfully. my step-grandfather died when i was young, and i didn't know him that well, but it was still sad. i had a friend of mine die of cancer, now that was hard, i cried for a while, then i just sat alone in totatl scilence for about an hour. i still feel sad every now and then, but as a lyric in a song goes, i don't remember wht the name is though, ';my body's gone that's all'; his soul remains in all of his friends' hearts, so he's not really gone.

if a pet dies, it's sad. i remember when we had to put our old rottwieler down. she was 14 years old. very loyal dog. sadly she broke her leg, and it wouldn't heal right. she also had arthritis, so we had to put her to sleep. that was very difficult. i just sat in the barn whittiling at a stick for a few hours to help console me.

anyway, to answer your question, I like to be alone when trying to deal with a loss. I never turn to drugs or alcohol, i just deal with it naturally. I feel it strengthens my mind and soul. It makes it easier to deal with losses later in life if you deal with loss naturaly early in life.How do Men deal with loss??
men woman everybody deal with lost and everything else differently , no one knows how they would deal with lost until you are face to face with it
think about being ridiculed for crying your whole life. then add a pride and self control. and then think about it. hmm i would guess that i actually focus on the anger to push back the highly confusing sadness. i honestly would rather be alone in that situation. drinking gives a very conveniant excuse to let down barriers. yes i have cried because of a lost pet but it only lasted for a minute or two. thats all i allowed myself.

he was probally either thinking about where he is and how short life is and how much he has left to do and if his family is taken care of. the death of someone close to you only makes you realise how much you have put off and how much time has slipped away.
We get in a fist fight
Being a man and dealing with death I found that I didn't want a great deal of people around I just wanted the genuine few. The ones that would just listen to what I had to say. Which sometimes wasn't alot. Guys try to make jokes that doesn't work.

I remember the last time I cried was when I was about 13 years old my parents gave me a pet dog and then took it away about 6 months later I cried and cried. Everyone told me stop being stupid. So I did since then I have buried a brother, dad and my daughter and have not shed a tear for any of them though I was upset and that was over 30 years ago.

Punching out frustration is a good way though not people.

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